About Me

I was privileged to be born in a safe heaven in a tiny country in Western Europe and having the opportunity to follow my Asian roots.

"One Night in Bangkok" in 1985 was love at first sight. Since 1990 I have been Traveling & Exploring South East Asia and since 2000 I am living in Thailand. After working in the Hospitality & Travel industry I now dedicate my time to what I love most; Independently Traveling in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

My Thai nickname is "Chang Noi" what means Little Elephant. After 2 years living in The Big Mango (Bangkok), 6 years living upcountry near Pattaya, 5 years living in Khon Kaen I am now living in a small village in the mountains of Northern Thailand. And I still love traveling .... follow my personal travel-blog and just as me fall in love with this beautiful, weird and sometimes dangerous part of South East Asia.

Disclaimer : All postings are made in good faith and are an expression of fair comment.

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