Costs of living in Thailand over 2016

Sometimes people ask me how much it costs to live in Thailand. Well that all depends of course how you spend your money. Some people spend a lot of money on entertainment or holidays or do buy expensive cars & motorbikes. But lets start with the simple things in life.

The first 5 months of 2016 we were still living in Khon Kaen city, but then we moved to a small village in the mountains of North Thailand. We? Well that are my wife and our cat.

Housing = 8.000 THB
We live in a free standing house with 2 floors and 3 bedrooms and 2 bath-rooms. We have 2 air-cons but only use the one in our bedroom when we are sleeping. In the living-room we use a ceiling fan. We have free satellite TV and the village has no garbage collection. So this is cheaper as living in Khon Kaen city.

Utility costs = 1.817 THB per month
We have water from a private water-well, so we do not pay for water. Our Electricity is a bit cheaper at about 1.000 THB. Also Internet is a bit cheaper at 749 THB. For cooking we use gas-bottles at 68 THB. Gas is a bit more expensive as last year. But in total this costs are a bit less as last year.

Transport = 3.674 THB per month
For 1 small motorbike, 1 big motorbike and 1 car the costs per year are :

  • Tax 100 + 100 + 5.462                            = 5.642 THB (less as last year)
  • Compulsory insurance 345 + 600 + 600 = 1.545 THB (less as last year)
  • Full insurance 12.400 + 10.000              = 22.400 THB (same as last year)
  • Maintenance 800 + 4.500 + 14.500        = 14.500 THB (more as last year)

This is excluded the costs of buying. In total this costs are bit less as last year.

Gasoline = 6.000 THB per month
Gasoline is a part of the costs of transport, but as I like to travel a lot by car and motorbike a part of this costs could also be seen as Travel / Holidays. My wife goes daily on her motorbike. So this are the gasoline costs of 1 car, 1 big motorbike and 1 small motorbike.

Travel / Holidays = 5.000 THB per month
As said I like to travel and stay in hotels. Sometimes cheap, sometimes not cheap. Most times we / I go by car or motorbike, sometime we / I fly. So this is for hotels and air-fare.

Medical insurance = 15.000 THB per month
Good (international) healthcare insurance for my wife and me. Due to my age this has become much more expensive as last year. In the first 5 years living in Thailand I think this was less as the half of the costs.

Households (Food + Drink) = 10.000 THB per month
For 2 persons Breakfast, Lunch for 90% at home, Dinner for about 90% at home. Our style of food is a 60/40 mix of Thai & Western food. This is excluded food & drinks out of our home. In the first 5 years living in Thailand I did eat & drink for 90% in simple "restaurants".

Telephone costs = 800 THB
Post paid telephone with unlimited internet for 2 persons.

Staying here legally = 158 THB
I am staying here based on an "Extension of Stay" and that costs 1.900 THB per year.

Entertainment = 4.000 THB per month
As in having a drink and dinner. Costs of this have become cheaper as last year, as there is not much to spend your money on here in a small village. In the first 5 years in Thailand I did spend much more on this as now.

Shopping = 5.000 THB per month
Like cloths, telephone, shoes, camera, laptop, printer, bicycle, jacket, helmet, furniture, etc. Here I am making a big guess as I actually do not have a clue. Although things have become more expensive I did spend less on this as we did less shopping. In the first 5 years living in Thailand I did spend much less on this.

Total per month = 59.449 THB
Life in Thailand has become a bit cheaper as last year, mainly because of lower rental costs. Although I spend less money in Thai baht, my costs of living did rise due to the bad exchange rate of the Thai baht / Euro.

This costs are exclusive the costs of going home once every 2 years. It also is exclusive of costs for buying things like car, motorbike or a house. All together I think I did spend the first 5 years living in Thailand a little bit less per month, let's say 50.000 THB but I did spend it very different as now. But life was much cheaper due to the better exchange rate. So actually at the moment I think my life now is almost twice as expensive as the first 5 years living in Thailand.

Housing                    =   8.000 THB
Utility costs              =   1.817 THB
Transport                 =   3.674 THB
Gasoline                   =   6.000 THB 
Travel / Holidays     =   5.000 THB
Medical insurance   = 15.000 THB
Households               = 10.000 THB
Telephone costs        =     800 THB
Staying here legally =     158 THB
Entertainment         =   4.000 THB
Shopping                  =   5.000 THB

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