Visiting village in the mountains of Doi Phu Kha

Nestled along the steep mountains of Doi Phu Kha at a height of 960m is a cluster of 4 villages with a maze of narrow streets, walk paths and stairs all together creating a wonderful mountain village. While the houses "under" in the village are at about 950m, the houses "up" in the village are at about 1000m. Our home-stay was in between at 982m.

While sitting at a ridge along the road we enjoyed the evening falling over the mountains and birds flying by. While our lovely host was preparing out dinner in a small restaurant. It was a fantastic day-trip to experience the still going on mountain life of hardworking farmers. In the village are some trees with tea-leaves and some coffee trees. Around the village are corn-fields and fruit trees.

Just before final sunset behind the mountains of Pua
Goooood Morning Pua
The photo above is at sunrise behind us. The evening before we did walk a bit thru the little villages, in between wooden houses, chickens and small shops. Like walking in peoples living-room. Now being December it was a cold night.

The main street

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