Changes are in the air

As you might notice I changed some things in the design of the website, to make previous postings more accessible.

On the left side you will see a list of all places that I have been to and did write about. On the right side you will see a list of labels that characterise postings that I did write. Example if you want to know something about trains in Thailand just click on Train. Or if you would like to know everything about Bangkok then click on Bangkok.

In the header you can choose for the 4 most popular kind of postings I have been writing about. Or choose for 2 of my other website's about reviews of Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee Shops in Thailand.

And in the header I did just add "Book your Hotel in Thailand" what is an affiliate link to Agoda. So if you will book an hotel with Agoda anyway then begin your search of hotels from here and support the effort to make and maintain this website. You will pay the same price as if you would go straight to the Agoda website.

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