Visiting Wat Jomsa Van in Phrae

This temple is very different as the temples you might have seen in Bangkok or Chiang Mai. It is located a bit on the outskirts of Phrae city and was build in 1857 (and rebuild in 1936). The temple is build in Burmese Shan style and has a beautiful interior (sorry no photos as I was wearing my motorbike boots). On the left side is a beautiful old Chedi, sorry I can not find more information about it. In front of the temple (outside the gates) is a daily amulet market where you will see (old) man talking about the beauty & power of their amulets. 
I was just informed that the writing of the name of this temple is mostly used as "Wat Chom Sawan" and that there is a great link to more photos of this temple. See Oriental Architecture

Old chedi next to the temple
The amulet market

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