Train stations in Thailand, next station Khun Tan

My favourite train station in North Thailand, Khun Than train station. It is Thailand's highest train station at 578m above MSL with Thailand's longest train tunnel of 1352m long. It was under German supervisory that they started building this tunnel in 1907. And with a hick-up during World War 1 when then Germans were arrested it took 11 years to complete the tunnel. And it is still in daily use. When you take the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai you will be passing this train station.

The train stations and tunnel can be reached by car. Just take the road that goes to Khun Than National Park, but at the moment (June 2016) the last steep 800m is in bad condition (especially for a car). The leading German engineer is buried at Khun Tan train station. This train tunnel is not the only one in Thailand, officially there are 7 train tunnels in Thailand.

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