Travel Tips for Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Explore the city 
Wake-up early and walk (or bicycle) in the small streets, see some fresh markets. Although there are many markets 2 of them you should not be missing : "Central Market" and "Russian Market".

Khmer Rouge 
Pay respect to the Khmer Rough history of Cambodia and visit the "Killing fields" and "Tuol Seng".

Riverside boulevard 
In the begin of the evening go to the riverside boulevard and walk along the Tongle Sap river to watch Cambodian people enjoying the evening. 

Khmer Arts
Visit the National Museum, although it is in a bit deteriorating state of maintenance it houses very beautiful ancient Khmer art.


Just sit and relax at the park around Wat Phnom, especially in the weekend when Cambodian families come here to eat & drink together.


Enjoy the good Western food and cheap wine.

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