Blast from the past .... The Beginning (part 1)

Photo taken by my grand-father
I am now living in Thailand for more as 15 years. How that I get there? Well that story starts around 1940 in my home country. When my grand-father took a job at the "Bataafse Petroleum Maatchappij" (part of what we now call Shell) he was send to Miri, British Borneo (now a part of Malaysia). And he took his wife with him. While living and working at many different places in Indonesia my mother and her 2 brothers were born. Just before the start of WW2 my and the children moved back to Europe. But my grand-father did stay in Indonesia and came back after the war ... as a different man. But his spirit and love for Indonesia was not broken and when the call was made he did return to Indonesia. Of course by that time Shell-Asia was nationalised and all was taken over by oil companies from the USA (clever boys). And my mother, born in Indonesia, had somehow gained "Asian" roots that she did give to me. Not that I was aware of that, but I would find out when I traveled to South East Asia for the first time in 1985. But that is the next story.

Probably staff of the family

Church in Malang (Java)

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