Bun Bang Fai 2015 in North-East Thailand

Photo by : http://www.viajarasia.com/
May 2015 : Bun Bang Fai or "Rocket Festival" is celebrated all over mostly North-East Thailand and parts of Laos. It is a merit making ceremony to start the raining season. It is held near full moon in May, every place / area has it's own date's for this festival. Of course there is music, dancing and a lot of food. The last day is the day of shooting home-made rockets (Bang Fai) into the sky to start the raining season.

Although as said its is celebrated all over North-East Thailand (also in the small villages) the biggest and most famous festival is in Yasothon. There the festival is celebrated this year from 8 May 2015 to 12 May 2015. It is a very popular festival to visit by Thai people and by now probably all hotels are full (well there are not many hotels in Yasathon.

The rockets are home-made but they become more power-full every year and are a danger to the airport nearby in Yasathon. It is a wonderful festival and Yasothon is a wonderful small provincial town to enjoy real upcountry life in Thailand. See also Wikipedia Bun Bang Fai

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