Visiting Nan National Museum in Nan town

Housed in a beautiful old colonial style building with a actually quit good exhibition of history of Nan province.

But if you are planning to visit it ... it is closed from 1 February 2015 until 22 September 2015.

Well that was changed to 17 January 2016.
Click on  to read more about the ongoing changes of the renovation of Nan National Museum (latest update at 30 November 2016).

And well the latest update (sorry no photo) is that it is closed until 16 August 2016.

And I would not hold my breath for that as at least the ground-floor looks in a far from finished construction site.

A bit a pity as it at least used to be a very nice exposition. Well we will see when it will really open.

Until now it looks like it has been given a new (different) color on the outside.

The latest update (17 August 2016) is that it is expected to be finished in 2019. Yes, 2019!!

But we should read the bigger picture. In Thai. And it illustrates that previous "opening" dates were actually just dates of finishing a stage of the renovation project.

But renovating 5 years! Really?

Update November 2016 : Yes the museum is partly open on some days of the week. But only a part of the ground floor and the exhibition is limited to about the building itself.

As the museum did looked before renovation
As the building did look like as being a Royal Palace
As of 30 November 2016