Visiting Sala Keoku Buddha Park in Nong Khai

"Sala Keoku" is a bit difficult to describe, it is a mixture of Buddhism and a kind of Disney style park. The building of the park started in 1978 under the guiding hand of the Luang Phu Bunleua Sulilat who did also build the famous Buddha park nearby Vientiane "Xiang Khuan". Actually I think it is best described as a Buddhist sculpture park to teach the ordinary people about the values of live and Buddhism.

Any yes it is a really amazing park with sculpture high as 20 meters and of most beautiful handcraft. With "Heaven and Hell" and more weird sculptures of and man & women living their live together and ending as a skeleton sitting together. But also bizarre sculpture of dragons and snakes. It is a few hours to visit this park and enjoy the other side of Thailand.

How to get there?
It is located just outside (east) Nong Khai city, easy to be reached by Tuk Tuk.

See my photo album at Picasa Sala Keoku and Sala_Keoku and Buddha-park

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