OTOP market in Nan town

OTOP means "One Tambon, One Product" or a product from every district. And of course this huge old Dodge truck has nothing to do with OTOP, but is just used at the market to create an old fashioned atmosphere. This OTOP market is held once a month opposite the Wat Phumin. And indeed every district has 1 or 2 stands selling local made products like traditional cloths, rattan chairs, fruit or vegetables.

The Wat Phaya Wat in Nan

For my new website Everything About Nan - Thailand I need some photos of things to see in Nan. So in a serie about temples in Nan here the Wat Phaya Wat. Again an extra-ordinary temple as the main attraction is an Chedi build in Mon architecture style (17th century). Build along the old Nan City Wall & Moat, of what some parts can still be seen.

It is a small temple with a nice atmosphere about real local temple life in Nan. Currently (May 2017) the temple is under renovation. The temple is open every day from 7:00 - 18:00 and entrance is free. As the temple is just outside Nan town you might need your own transport to get there (bicycle, scooter or charted Song-Theauw).

For more information about temples in Nan have a look at Everything About Nan - Thailand

Travel Insurance

Awhile ago I did read, again, a sad story of a young lady on holiday in Thailand. She was involved in a motorbike accident and is now in hospital in Thailand. Yes, she has a travel-insurance. But her travel-insurance refuses to pay for medical transportation back home. Why?
Well here becomes a little technical but the bottom line is ... the person riding the motorbike did not have an an motorbike driver-license. There are a few lessons from this story.

Fist of all you should ALWAYS have a travel-insurance. And check if your travel-insurance (or your healthcare-insurance) is valid for holidays in Thailand. And check if it is valid for the things you want to do in Thailand .... motorbike riding, diving, other dangerous sports or example bungy jumping. Do not assume that your travel-insurance will just pay for everything.

And secondly remember that ALL scooters in Thailand are motorbikes. And for motorbikes you need an motorbike driver-license. Yes, the rental company does not care much…

The Elephant Temple or Wat Phra That Chae Kham in Nan

Not to be confused with the Wat Phra That Chae Heang (5-km out of Nan town). Locally also know as Wat Chang (Elephant Temple), because of the elephants supporting the Chedi. Build in a mix style of Lanna and Tai Lue, probably around begin 1500. This temple is famous for its pure golden Buddha in Sukhothai style and for its largest Hoi Trai (manuscript library) of Thailand. Behind the temple are 3 small kind of Chedi's with the ashes and bones of former rulers of Nan Kingdom.

Inside the temple are also murals of the life of Buddha. But not so clearly as the murals at example the Wat Phumin. What makes me wonder ....

In the evening all temples in the Historic Center of Nan town are illuminated, what makes a beautiful sight. For more information about temples in Nan have a look at Everything About Nan - Thailand

To Travel or not to Travel

As you might notice the lay-out of the web-site has changed (again) a little bit. All thanks to new options of Blogger. And you will also see that most postings nowadays are about Nan province. Yes, the wonderful province I am living since 1 year. And I still love it!

In the mean while I am also working on another website "Everything About Nan - Thailand", for that I need to do more research and make photos in Nan province. So you will probably see a lot more about Nan province in the nearby future. I hope you do enjoy it just as much as I do.

The "Identity of Nan Museum" in Nan

I had passed this museum already many times and always thought "I should have a look next time". But next time always became next time. Until yesterday, when I did finally stopped and had a look.

It is a modern & professional museum about the history of Nan province. It starts with the pre-historical time-line of the area of what we now call Nan province. Slowly the time-line goes to the settlement of Nan town.

An interesting part is where the many ethnic minorities are shown with the different traditional cloths. You can even make a photo of yourself dressed in any of the traditional cloths.

There is one (but major) problem for people who can not read Thai .... no signs or explanation in English (or any other language). The museum is open every day from 9:00 - 16:00 and entrance fee is 50 Thai Baht per person. For what we did get an personal Thai speaking guide. As the museum is located just outside of Nan town you might need your own transport (a bit too far for walki…

The Wat Suan Tan in Nan

I had been at this temple already a few years ago, but I wanted to see how the renovation had been finished. In the latter I am a bit disappointed ... it looks brand new now. Have a the photo under that I made about 2 years ago.

In a serie about temples in Nan here the Wat Suan Tan. It a bit out of the ordinary tempel, as it has 2 Viharns, a large Chedi in Sukhothai style and a library building (Ho Trai). Although it is a 14th century temple, it is still in use as it is one of the only temples in town with also an crematorium.
The large Chedi in Sukhothai style is probably one of the oldest constructions in Nan town and remarkably is topped with a Khmer style prang (although actually most of Sukhothai was originally in Khmer style so this seem logically).

In the evening all temples in the Historic Center of Nan town are illuminated, what makes a beautiful sight. This temple is also famous for its holy water well, that is still used by this temple and other temples.

For more informa…

Shopping in Nan

Nan town is a small and not yet full of shopping-malls and condos, life goes slow here. Walking is the perfect way to explore and see the real Thai way of living. Old fashioned shophouses were people are living and doing their business like selling eggs or drinks or watches. And opposite the Morning Market is the Fruit & Evening Market. I love the slow life of Nan!

Taking the Orange Bus from Nan to Thung Chang

OK first of all locals do not call it the "Orange Bus" (even not in Thai) some call it "Wan Yen" ("cold sweet" as a dessert). It is an old bus ... the bus we had to Thung Chang was put together with ropes and stickers and had an wooden floor. And in the bus were many unintentional air-flow holes.

As you can imagine it is not an air-conditioned bus, but with open windows and doors you have air-flow in the all bus. And it is traveling in Nan style .... slow. From Nan to Thung Chang will take you about 3 hours, without the waiting time for the bus (time-schedule is flexible). But it is a great experience to see the real way of local living & traveling. And it is cheap, 75 Thai baht per person from Nan to Thung Chang. Well the bus actually goes to Pon, what is about 10 km further at route 101. That is where the mountains begin .... and the bus engine would not be able to push the bus up! So end of the road for the Orange Bus. If you want to continue to H…