Sight seeing at Mukdahan

Nov'2011 While we visited friends of us in Mukdahan we were guided to a few points of interest. Well fist of all there is of course the "Indo-China market" along the riverfront at the center of town, starting directly south of the Immigration Office. Now there is a bride connecting Thailand and Laos (just north of Mukdahan city) but before that the main crossing point (by boat) was here at Mukdahan (Thailand) to SavannaKhet (Laos) and thus along the riverfront a market has developed with all the things imported from Laos, China and Vietnam (as from here it is not such along journey to Vietnam). Well I am not really an market-fan-boy anymore but if you like markets this is a fun market to visit. See Mukdahan_Province and Muk SightseeingPlace

Life of a traveller .... checking in/out at hotels

As I travel a lot I also stay in many hotels. And with that comes checking-in/out at hotels. At the most hotels there is no problem with this at all. Especially at the simple (cheaper) hotels. At checking-in you just pay and get your room key. That is it. But at the "better" hotels it sometimes becomes a long story. Something I am not waiting for to happen after traveling the all day.

But when you check-in
at a 300+ room hotel at the counter for Club-members it would be nice if there were actually people working at that counterit would be nice if checking-in would not take 20 min (checking everything like your are a potential criminal)Yes I know official the check-in time is 14:00 .... but are all rooms full so I cannot check-in at 11:00?In some simple hotels (where there is really nothing to steal from the room) they still want 1000 Thai baht (in cash) as deposit for the room-key. To me it looks more that the front-staff hopes you will forget the deposit when you check-out (…

Life of a traveller ..... hotel rooms

As I travel a lot I also stay in many hotels. Actually I am very easy with hotel rooms, all according to what has been paid for the room. As long as the room is clean, the bathroom has warm water and the bed is not too hard I am fine.

But when staying in "better" hotels or even luxury resorts I have some more demands I like
A bit spacious bathroom so you do not have to sit on the toilet to take a showerA shower that is covered so not the all bathroom is wet after a showerNon-smoking roomsNo carpet on the floor, it smells bad after a few years. A nice wooden floor would be best.Plugs available for charging telephone or laptopSecure Wifi that is free and really worksA room that is really dark ... good curtains and no "night" light that you cannot switch ofNice, big and soft towels (not old and hard)Like I said a bed not too hard but also not too softDifferent kind of pillows (not 4 the same as I need pillows not to hard)Airco that works, can be controlled and does no…

Street scenery in Lampang

When walking in downtown Lampang you feel like you stepped in a time-machine and did go back 20 years. Photo above is a an old Chinese herbs shop.

Traveling over Mae Nam Kwae in Kanchanaburi

Always a lovely trip by longtail boat over the River Kwai to our floating hotel in the middle of nowhere in the jungle of Kanchanaburi province.

Life of a traveller .... having breakfast

As I travel a lot I also stay in a lot of hotels where normally breakfast is served. And I like a breakfast, I like a good continental breakfast. But if no (good) breakfast available I just as well have a sandwich at the 7/11. And in the most "better" hotels a reasonable to good breakfast is served.

But when staying in one of the "better" hotels and you are having breakfast it would be nice if ....
The orange juice is not water with a slightly chemical orange taste (fresh orange juice would be the best)The jam is not from Bestfood (home-made jam would be the best)The bread is not from the 7/11 (home-made bread would be the best)Tea is served fresh in a cup / pot that has not been used for coffeeCoffee is made fresh or at least from real coffeeThe water for the tea has been really cooking / boilingThere would be a nice choice of tea (I like Twining Earl Grey)Eggs are at least a bit boiled or properly friedMilk is really coldSausages not look like & taste like pl…

Stunning photos about traveling

This is a small, low-res version of a photo of Wang Sila Grand Canyon in Nan province, Thailand. It is one of the many stunning photos you see nowadays on internet about traveling. As hardware & software for making good / stunning photos is now within reach of many people. And everybody is making photos! And professional photographers can reach the sky & stars in making absolutely stunning photos. And with drones from absolutely impossible angles.

And what I am going to write now is not to discredit the photographers of stunning photos, but those stunning photos are many times not very realistic. Sometimes made from a point that is very difficult to reach or made with a drone. Then with software the photo is modified in a way that created almost an all new photo. In the end there is a stunning looking photo that might make you wanting to go there but the photos is not reflecting reality. And then I am not yet thinking of those photos that are a totally setup of something that…

Traveling along the Thai-Lao border to Nan

Traveling along the Thai-Lao border from Loei to Nan passing Dan Sai, Na Heao, "Phu Suan Sai National Park" and "Phu Soi Dao National Park". A area off the beaten track with stunning mountain views and many waterfalls. Following are a serie of photos of our trip.

Two weeks in my home country

A part of my life in Thailand is that I go back to my home country once & while. In the beginning I would go every year, but as the years go by I now go about every 2 or 3 years. Just as reality check and to see my family and friends. Despite cue's at the immigration both in Suvarnabhumi & Schiphol and not such a good weather in Europe I had 2 lovely weeks. Partly a kind of walk thru memory lane and meeting old & new friends. Following are photos from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Staying up-to-date with my home country

While I am living already an considerable time in Thailand I still have some ties with my home country. Besides family and friends that are my passport and my driver-license. So both have to be replaced once & while. I just did get a new passport, so my new passport is valid for 10 years, instead of 5 years like before. So that will have to be done in 2027 again.

But my driver-license is valid until this year (2017), so that will have to be renewed. In the old days this was very easy, now it is a bit more difficult. Luckily the new driver license will be also valid for 10 years. How to get a new driver-license from my home country?

First step "Get Application Form" 🆗
Apply digitally for an application form, that will be send to my family in my home-country. My family will send to it to me in Thailand.

Second step "Get Proof of Address" 🆗
How to get that? Well the immigration office could give me an "Letter of Residence" but that would be in Thai. Tha…

Travel Tips : Traveling with Air Asia from Don Muang Airport

Yesterday 6 July 2017 I did fly with Air Asia from Don Muang Airport, and I (and many other people) was a bit unpleasantly surprised. Be aware that Air Asia has changed their check-in procedure. First you will have to go to a SELF CHECK-IN booth. As there are only 4 booths per check-in row you will understand that there is a cue of people. As most people (like me) are not used to use a SELF CHECK-IN there is a Air Asia service lady helping you. You will get a boarding card and if you have luggage you will get labels for your luggage.

After that if you have luggage (like me) you will have to cue again, now to drop-off your luggage. This is also self-service. But again as nobody is yet used to that there is a Air Asia service lady helping you.

The bottom line is .... you will have to cue twice and you will have to do it all by yourself. Now I understand that an airline is trying to lower the costs with self-service but due to the way it is set-up at Don Muang Airport it will result in m…

Travel Tips : Traveling to/from Don Muang Airport

Yesterday 6 July 2017 I did fly from Don Muang Airport to my home in North Thailand and I took a taxi from my hotel in Bangkok downtown. All well until I arrived at Don Muang Airport. Due to road construction AT the airport there is currently a traffic jam at the airport. Drop-of for departure is now the arrival level, the road for departure level can not be used (both for terminal 1 and 2).

Visiting the Phu Phrabat Historical Park in Udon Thani

Phu Phrabat Historical Park is located near Baan Phue, about 66 km north-west of Udon Thani. It is located on a sandstone ridge at about 320 meter above sea level. There are many rock formations and evidence that suggest that people have been living here about 2500 years ago.

A afternoon to Ubolrat lake

We did go to Ubolrat lake, about 50km North-west of Khon Kaen city. On the east side of the lake is a mountain range with with "Nam Phong" National Park and "Hin Chang Si" viewpoint. Along the lake are a 3 small villages and there are rice-fields and cattle farms. And also "Bang Seang 2" and small peninsular with many small restaurants on big bamboo rafts anchored along the shore. That is where we had a early diner with fried fish, fried rice and BBQ Pork.

That is also where my wife dropped her sunglasses in the water. But the owner of the restaurant called her son and he did jump in the water and recovered the sunglasses again. A great "Only in Thailand" moment! After that we did go to the Buddha viewpoint to watch sunset ... walking up a few hundred steep steps! I am really too old for that, next time I will just drive up!