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Sunset along Bung Kaen Nakorn in Khon Kaen

One of the best attraction of Khon Kaen city is "Bung Kaen Nakhorn", a lake in the city with a park around it. In the early morning and in the late afternoon people come here to sport and to be seen. And as you see it is also a great place for a stunning sunset! Following is a serie of the same sunset.

The summit of Phu Tok at Chiang Khan

Staying legally in the Land of Smiles part 2

Tables ready for food & drink along the Mekong River in Bueng Kan

Nan Memories at the "Khum Chao Bua Khiao House" in Nan town

Travelling along the Mekong River in Loei province

The mighty Mekong River at the Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle and beyond in North Thailand

Sunrise in Nan

The HTMS Prasae in Klaeang

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