Monday, 28 July 2014

Fixing my broken shoulder and the aftermath of it

Begin May 2014 I had a motorbike accident and did break the head of my humerus at 4 places.
See Proximal Humerus Fracture What I thought to a simple broken bone and some physical therapy has become a life changing event. Although hopefully temporarily, I think it will become a time of my life I will never forget.

The accident
With a ambulance I went to a hospital in Khon Kaen, X-ray was taken and a broken shoulder was diagnosed. Actually also abrasions at my knees and shoulders. And a cut in my right thumb. I was told that I needed a operation to put a steel-plate inside. I could do that at the hospital but I should make a decision within 1 week.

At hindsight it was actually weird that the hospital in Khon Kaen did never check if I had something else broken or if I was hurt elsewhere. They did never clean or even check my wounds. Another thing that was at hindsight weird, is that I decided to wait 2 day and then fly to Bangkok to a better hospital. Yes, I just walked around with a broken shoulder for 2 days!  

First 2 weeks
So I decided to go to a hospital in Bangkok and 2 days after the accident I arrived  in the hospital in Bangkok where I had a 2 - 3 hours surgery and normally you would be hospitalized for about 3 days. But I had a few complications like fever, high heart-rite, low oxygen and high blood-pressure. So I was hospitalized for 7 days. At 3 days after the surgery the physical therapy started to reuse my arm again. I did stay for another week in Bangkok to follow physical therapy.

The first week I stayed in bed in the hospital and could hardly walk and did more or less not use my right arm at all. And when out of bed my arm was in a sling. At the end of the second week I was advised not to use the sling anymore. But being afraid and insecure I kept my arm close to my body (not good).

Mind you and think of
* Bad nights sleep
* Daily pain
* Not being able to use my right hand & arm, think about taking a shower, writing, signing your credit-card, putting on your cloths, etc
* No riding motorbike or bicycle, no driving a car
* Painful and exhausting exercise a few times a day
* Do everything with your left hand like eating and brushing your teeth

There are a few important steps in recovery
* Range of motion (passive & active movement)
* Power of motion (active movement)

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Friday, 25 July 2014

Walking in China Town (Bangkok, Thailand)

For me life on and along the Chao Phraya is the real Bangkok. So on Sunday I took the Skytrain to Saphan Taksin station and from there I took the Express boat to River City. For a few Thai baht you get a great view of life on and along the river. At River City I took a ferry to the other side and had lunch at Hilton Hotel. Great food and exceptional service of the staff. After lunch I walked a bit along the waterfront and took the ferry back again to River City. From here I walked into the small streets (smaller as a soi) of the beginning of China Town. I loved it! I walked all the way to the train station and took the subway (MRT) back.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

GM Serviced Apartment (Bangkok, Thailand)

Living room
A almost brand new luxury apartment building at the end of Soi 20 of Sukhumvit road, managed by the GM group. Although rooms can be rented daily it is more an serviced apartment. As hotel I would not recommend it. The have 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom apartments, some with private balcony. Rooms are modern, well taken care of and comfortable. And at least the 1 bedroom apartments are in Standard, Deluxe and Superior. And beside the size there are some other small differences. Be aware of this when making a booking.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Lean On Tree Restaurant (Bangkok, Thailand)

Serving Thai & International food in in a jungle garden at Soi 18 of Sukhumvit road in Bangkok. The food is good, service friendly and the prices reasonable. They have both indoor & outdoor seating. Sitting outside feels nice in the kind of jungle garden, but in the evening be aware of all the flies.

We had all Thai food and we liked it. I did see they have also some nice desserts but I am trying (a little bit) to stop eating desserts.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

In Love Restaurant (Bangkok, Thailand)

View from the restaurant over the Chao Phraya
A Thai seafood restaurant along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. As it is right next to the Thawet pier it is easy to reach with the Express-boat. The restaurant has 2 floors and live music with real instruments like guitar and sax. The staff was friendly and the food good & fresh. I also like that they have wine and cocktails. Not like most Thai pub restaurants where you can get beer, water or whiskey. If you want to sit river-side you will need to make reservation. And although the restaurant is in open-air it is non-smoking.

Highly recommende! See In Love Restaurant & Bar

Contrast in along the Chao Phraya (Bangkok, Thailand)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Flight MH17 lost above Ukraine

Another sad day for the airline industry. A tragedy for the family, loved ones and friends of passengers and flight crew of flight MH17 from Amsterdam to KL. Words fall short .... why?

Paste Restaurant (Bangkok, Thailand)

A small restaurant hidden in a small Soi at Soi 49 of Sukhumvit road in Bangkok, serving old fashioned Thai food the modern way. A very interesting menu! I like the restaurant, no expensive building just a simple shop-house. And inside simple but modern tasteful decorated. It is a small restaurant so you might need to make reservation. They are open for lunch & diner. No parking, although you could park at Samitivej Hospital.

As their menu changes a bit every week, the menu is just printed on A4. I had lunch and had a Duck Salad followed by a delicious dessert. As drink I had a fruit juice. Total damage was about 700 Thai baht.

I liked it very much and will be back. Highly recommended!

See Paste Bangkok

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Change for no particular reason

As you see a few days ago I have changed the header photo of my travel-blog. It is a photo of lake about 15 km West of the city of Loei (Thailand). The lake is surrounded by mountains and along the shore are some restaurants that serve the food on little floating bamboo rafts (with roof). You see them on the photo. A wonderful place to relax, eat and swim. My favorite place for lunch!

El Gaucho Steakhouse (Bangkok, Thailand)

A Argentinian  steakhouse at the corner of Soi 19 of Sukhumvit in Bangkok (next to Terminal 21) serving as the name indicates western style beef steaks. The restaurant has limited outdoor seating and 2 floors of indoor seating. The atmosphere is perfect and the service of the staff is excellent. 

The main dish ... meat .... is in 3 levels of quality and of course the different type of meat and all in different sizes. All the steaks are service solo and you will have to choose (and pay) your sauce and side dishes separately. The main dishes are not cheap, actually expensive (even more expensive as in the Netherlands). That said I think the prices of the side dishes, sauces, drinks and desserts are reasonable.

We ordered 2 filet steak (250gr) Black Angus with red wine sauce and 2 side dishes. We did drink 3 glasses of red wine. And I had a Flan Caramel as dessert. We did pay in total about 5.200 Thai baht.

The meat was super soft and did smell delicious. But I think that it did taste a bit dry and I think that comes because of the way of serving the beef as a thick piece. I am a lover of thinner pieces of beef. The wine was very nice (we did even buy a bottle) and the dessert was very good. Although I think they should have some more special desserts.

We liked it, we enjoyed eating here but due to the price I do not think we will return here soon. Still recommended! 

See El Gaucho Bangkok