River Kwai Jungle Rafts Floatel (Kanchanaburi, Thailand)

Simple accommodation but at a more as stunning location floating on the Kwai Noi River about 70 km north of Kanchanaburi city. After a 20-min boat trip in a long-tail boat you arrive at the wooden & bamboo floating floatel. The rooms are simple and basic but clean and the beds are comfortable. All rooms have a private bathroom with shower. But .... no electricity, no internet, no telephone signal .... and no warm water! Back to the basics of life .... and I loved it! Just sit, relax and enjoy the great hospitality of the Mon people working at this hotel. We stayed for 2 days and breakfast, lunch and diner was all good (Thai food only).

I loved it but I have some recommendations :
1. Take a flash light with you
2. If there is special food / drink you like ... buy it at the last 7/11 at Sai Yok Noi

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Bicycle & Boat tour in Bangkok (Thailand)

Riding instruction by Mr. BlaBla
I was in Bangkok for a few days and joined one of the bicycle tours from Co van Kessel. It has been many years ago that I did make a tour, actually when Co was still alive and guiding the tours. Their new office is at "River City" along the Chao Phraya, a great place to start a tour in Bangkok!

Visiting Chinese temple
The tours starts with the small streets (soi's) in China Town nearby the office, passing by small shops, temples and the local way of life. Then we crossed the Chao Phraya River to explorer the other side of modern Bangkok. Soon we were riding in the sub-urbs and even banana plantations. It is amazing how quick you out of the concrete jungle of

Leaving the long-tail boat

Twice we did a part of the tour in a long-tail in the klongs (canals) of Bangkok and we had a Thai lunch in a restaurant along one of the klongs. I loved it! The guide was good and we had a fantastic support girl riding at the end to make sure nobody was left behind.

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Beyond the bridge over the river Kwai (Kanchanaburi, Thailand)

Throughout Thailand Kanchanaburi is known for its strategic position between Thailand and Burma. And during the many wars between Thailand and Burma the Burmese used the valley of Kanchanaburi to enter Thailand and in the end they even destroyed Ayutthaya, the second old capital of Thailand. When I traveled for the first time to Kanchanaburi I only knew the infamous “Death Railway” that was made by 250.000 Asian laborers and over 60.000 British, Australian, American and Dutch POW during the Second World War under the occupation op Japan. And of course I knew the famous movie “Bridge over the river Khwae” that is actually not shot in Thailand at all.

Mae Nam Kwae (Kanchanaburi, Thailand)

Going to our hotel along the Mae Nam Kwae Noi (Kwai Noi River) north of Kanchanaburi

Nouvo City Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)

A renovated hotel in one of the small streets of old China Town in Bangkok city. A very nice location and within walking distance of the Chao Phraya River (pier within 10min walk). The rooms are big and comfortable, although I was missing some furniture in the room. The bathroom is (rain)shower only and there is TV, Airco and fridge. There is Wifi in the all hotel, although it is not always working. The hotel consists of 2 buildings, a main building and a rear building, connected by a hall-way.

Rain shower
On the 8th floor of the main building is a rooftop swimming pool, massage and fitness. The hotel has private parking also. The hotel has a restaurant for breakfast, lunch and diner. The buffet breakfast
was reasonable, but I did find the bread section not so good.

The staff was friendly and service minded. All together good value money and a great location.! 7/11, ATM and money exchange are all right next to the hotel.

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Walking in Sam Sen (Bangkok, Thailand)

The old fort
Hitting the road again and now in the area Sam Sen ... that is just north of Kao San road. It is a nice area with many small streets, Chinese shop-houses and not far from the river.

So another great opportunity to make start walking and get lost in the old Bangkok. And it is very nice area. I started walking at sunset and stopped on the way for a snack or coffee.

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Street-life in the evening

Bicycling along the klongs of Bangkok (Thailand)

Aug 2009 After I have been living for almost 2 years in Bangkok at Phra Kanong and not seeing much more as the busy city life of Bangkok I finally took the chance to see another side of Bangkok. Two friends of mine were coming on holiday and they wanted to make a bicycling trip in Bangkok. As I would like to see my friends again I made a trip to Bangkok for a few days and decided to make the bicycling trip together with them. Nowadays there are at least 5 companies who make bicycling trips in Bangkok.

But we did choose the one who I think is the inventor of this kind of trips in Bangkok, Co Van Kessel. He lives now about 30 years here in Bangkok and has always been wandering around on his bike in the small soi’s (streets) and along the many klongs (canals) that still exists in this city that once was called the "Venice of Asia". So at 1 o’clock we had an appointment with Co at his home at On Nut from where our 5-hour trip would start.

Links to short and long Bicycle trips in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

Courtesy of BM Air Travel
Making short or long bicycle trips in South East Asia becomes is popular. If you like that have a look at the following links ....

Bicycling in Cambodia (Siem Reap and Phnom Penh), Myanmar (Mandalay), Laos (Vientiane and Luang Prabang) or Thailand (Bangkok) with Grasshopper Adventures. An Australian managed company that organizes small quality bicycle trips.

Bangkok Food Tours (Thailand)

In Thailand food & eating is a part of the local culture so if you do not eat or at least try to eat Thai food in the Thai way then you are missing out a part of Thailand. Even if it is just a simple "Kao Pad" (fried rice) or "Kai Yang" (bbq chicken).

Although I did not (yet) try it myself but I like the idea that 3 young Thai people had "Introducing Thai food to foreigners but in another way as normal and a little bit more". They organize walking tours in Bangkok to explorer the Thai (& others exotic) kitchen both on the street in restaurants. And while you are on tour not only exploring the food but also the rich history of culture and architecture of Bangkok.

I like the idea very much, next time when in Bangkok I will try to make a tour with them! As food is such an important part of Thai culture (the 3 young people could not do without it while studying in the USA) I think it is a great way to understand more of Thai culture as you read in books. And it also gives a chance to look to cultural Bangkok in a different way.

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What to do in Bangkok (Thailand)

Guards at the Grand Palace
Bangkok … oriental city that doesn’t sleep … as third capital city of Thailand (formerly Siam) is also home of the world famous “Grand Palace” build in 1782 and for 150 years home of the Royal Thai family and the seat of Thai government. It consists of many building and stupa’s and also the Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha). Out of respect for Buddha and the Royal Thai family a strict dress code applies when visiting the Grand Palace.

Shopping along the highway in Petchabun (Thailand)

Along the highways in Asia are always somewhere little shops where they sell "local" products. Like here in Petchabun where they sell garlic & dried red hot chilli's.

That "local" is of course not always true because next to the real local garlic I also saw bag with garlic from China.

I will try to make a series of "Shopping Along Highways". To see more click below on the label "Shopping-Along-Highways".
Local grown garlic

Dried red chilli

Lighthouse Pub & Restaurant (Loei, Thailand)

Nov'2012 A great place along the "lake" (actually a klong) in Loei city with soft live music, friendly service and good food. As of August 2014, it is still there but has a new name and better menu. For the rest nothing changed.

It is a small place with only outside seating and in Thai-pub style serving Thai food. Most days they have live music. The staff is friendly but speaks only Thai. A good place to sit with friends and enjoy the evening.

Safety in Thailand

At 5 July 2015 a tragic accident happend at the Khon Kaen Zoo at Khao Suan Kwang where 5 people were killed and 50 people hurt when a electric cart could not stop to prevent crashing into another electric cart.

The electric carts are used as transport to go around the open ZOO that is situated on top of an mountain. As it goes with mountains, they can be steep as so the road that is used for the tour in the ZOO. Of course it has been tested, regulated and approved that this carts are capable of riding this steep route with a full load of people (it are big carts).

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