The Concept Restaurant (Khon Kaen, Thailand)

Caramel cake with chocolate ice-cream
April 2015 It looks like there are new restaurants opened every week in Khon Kaen. Some also close again within a year. Hopefully not this modern restaurant along the road to the airport.

They have indoor & outdoor seating and serve Thai food in a modern almost fusion kind of way. And the good thing is they have a good collection of imported beers, even a beer tap! And as sweet dessert lover of course I am very happy with limited choice but good desserts.

We were with 4 people, did drink water and had 2 main dishes, 3 starters and 2 cake's and 1 ice-cream with a total damage of 1450 Thai baht. I loved it, and I am sure we will be back! They are open from 11:30 to 22:00, 7 days a week.  See FB Page The Concept KK

Another day trip around Nan (Thailand)

Temple entrance
With Nan city as base, the province is ideal for making day trips. It does not matter if you go North, West, East or South there are rivers, mountains & hill tribe villages to be found everywhere. Nearby Nan are many small roads that are perfect for making bicycle trips and there are many small villages and beautiful temples to be found all along the trip. Great to do in the afternoon when the sunlight is so beautiful.

For tours in Nan province see Discovering Nan by Beyond Highlights Travel 

A bit further North-East of Nan city are many waterfalls to cool down after a hot day. Although of course the water does not come from high mountains with snow .... the water is still bloody cold!

You can even swim here

Another bride crossing the Nan river

The art of making silver products (Nan, Thailand)

Nan province is famous for it's art of making silver products. Originally the silver came from the area that is now Laos. So most silver is imported now or like in this workplace it comes from the recycling of medical products.

Nowadays you will still find many shops in Nan and Pua that sell silver products from their own workplace. All made by hand.

Products of this workplace are sold at Nan Noble House

Sawadee Phi Mai 2015

To all my friends and readers of this blog in Thailand "Sawadee Phi Mai"  or Happy New Year & Songkran. Enjoy but be safe and do not become a statistic of the road rage.

And as this a Buddhist New-Year it is of course also celebrated else where ..... Boun Pi Mai in Laos, Chaul Chnam Tmey in Cambodia and Thingyan in Myanmar.

Natural herbal products at the OTOP (Nan, Thailand)

OTOP stands for "One Tambon One Product" where Tambon is a district. It was introduced many years ago with the idea to promote the special products from a district. And sometimes it really works, like here in Nan.

At a small district office is a OTOP where is made a product line of natural herbal products for the care of your body. They produce & sell Body lotion, Bath gel, Facial gel, Toner, Hair Tonic and Salt Scrub (from Bo Klua). And much more.

The workplace
The products are used in some hotels in Nan, like at Nan Seasons Boutique Resort where we were introduced to these products. It was interesting to visit this place and to see how they make from leaves of a tree a shampoo. No chemicals! See OTOP Namkian

Making  creme

Siam Garden Resort (Thung Chang, Thailand)

Jan'2015 Sorry no photos this time ... A lovely budget resort in the midst of the mountain area north of Nan. They have 5 bungalows on the slopes of the mountains nearby a small village. All rooms have TV, airco and private bathroom with warm water. The Thai & Italian owners are lovely hosts and very knowledgeable about the area. Highly recommended! They do serve (on request) food all day.

The area is perfect for hiking and caving. It is also located in the area bordering Laos and is a great gate-way to/from Laos (Luang Prabang). So if you are a nature lover this is the place to go in Nan province.

The first time I stayed here was November 2014 and I did forget to take photos. So when I stayed here again in Jan'2015 I took some photos. See Siam Garden Resort

Fresh home made breakfast

Early morning walk near the resort

Mountains near the resort

Making your online hotel booking

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Hell at "Wat Phumin" (Nan, Thailand)

Just as a warning what will happen to you when you do "bad" things.
Photo was taken during a tour in historic downtown of Nan city, where are many beautiful temples like the "Wat Phumin". On the temple grounds is a small building with a representation of hell. Historic downtown of Nan city is not big and the tour can easily be done walking or by bicycle.

For tours in Nan province see Discovering Nan by Beyond Highlights Travel

Traveling along the Thai-Lao border to Nan (Thailand)

Sunrise along the road
The trip started after we had stayed for a day in Loei. And from there we did go in direction of Dan Sai and Na Heao to be passing "Phu Suan Sai National Park" and later "Phu Soi Dao National Park". A area off the beaten track with stunning mountain views and many waterfalls.

If you would like to do a tour like this yourself, have a look at Traveling from Loei to Nan

Sunset at Khao Kho (Petchabun, Thailand)

March 2013 : We made a trip to Dan Sai & Khao Khao (Petchabun) and although it was weekend all hotels & restaurants seem to be in low-season hibernate mode. Our designated resort had even closed their restaurant (but of course still charge full normal price)! So we made an beautiful afternoon tour along the mountains & valley of Khao Kho. Although the north is smokey due to burning, both in Dan Sai & Khao Kho it was cool and not so much smokey. But while going to Dan Sai we passed Nam Nao via route 2216 and big parts there were very smokey due to burning.

If you want to travel in the North-East of Thailand have a look at Beyond Highlights Travel

Jungle market (Khao Kho, Thailand)

A jungle market at the view point when you are entering Khao Kho from Petchabun. Selling fresh local vegetable, herbs and coffee-beans.

As origin a market place for the local farmers and hill-tribe people living in the mountains to sell their products. Of course nowadays more & more becoming a kind of market for tourists. And in the weekend it can become busy here with people from Bangkok.  There even is a local restaurant, although due to hygiene I would not recommend to eat there.

Sorting out the herbs

The local restaurant

Weapon museum Khao Kho (Petchabun, Thailand)

Old Airplane
Sep'2012 We made a trip from Khon Kaen to Chiang Khan via Khao Kho (near Petchabun). This is a very beautiful area, and was originally famous for being a communist stronghold and the war that has been fight there. As reminder of this you can visit "Khao Kho Weapons museum". Seeing this now I had very mixed feelings about this "war against communism" in Thailand. Were they not just Thai people with a different political / ideologically view? And was the fear of communism not only created by the good old USA out of their fear of the domino-theory?

Nowadays its is a beautiful area for holidays and there are many nice resorts and restaurants. For Thai this area is famous for its "blankets of clouds" that fill the valley's in the cold season (nov-jan). It is like a sea of clouds (Talay Mok).
But in those old days in Khao Khoa (and nowadays on many places in the world) it was "Let's kill all the blacks, let's kill all the reds". But when there is war between man and women? Then there will be nobody left.

The Weapon museum of Khao Kho is located along route 2196 and a high hill overlooking the all area. A strategic location of course. The museum is still managed by the army and some lonely soldiers were watching TV in the museum's movie cinema. There are some weapons on display, like the good old AK-47 to show it must all have been commies.

I do not think it were commies .... I think it were just people against the political establishment in those days and labeling them commies made it easy to get USA support in bombing the hell out of them.