Old photos of Hanoi (Vietnam)

Hanoi street-life
I found an old box of photos .... here a small set of some photos from Hanoi and Halong Bay in Vietnam. The photos are probably made in 1996 or 1997.

Ps1. Some photos might be horizontal flipped
Ps.2. Some photos might need a WB adjustment (thanks Spike).

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Old photos of Bangkok (Thailand)

What is now the Hilton Hotel
I found an old box of photos .... here a small set of some photos from Bangkok in 1996 or 1997.

OK sorry folks ..... but this photos are accidentally wrong scanned and horizontal flipped. Look to the formerly empty Sofitel Hotel ..... there is no and was never a building on the left side but on the rights side.

And some photos might need a WB adjustment (thanks Spike).

Chao Phraya River


On the motorbike to Phetchabun and Loei (Thailand)

Viewpoint at Phu Hin Rongkhla
In November 2011 together with some other bikers I made a 2 day tour in North-East Thailand. And it was great! Our first destination was Phetchabun to tour the area of Khao Kho with "little Switserland", due to late leaving, good breakfast and dark-visors on the helmets we could not make it far before dark, but route 2258 is a promising route to come back again soon. Route 2258 starts at route 21 between Phetchabun and Lomsak. We made a u-turn and did ride back to town, where we stayed at the GTR recommended "Burapa Hotel". Phetchabun is a nice small city with not too far from the hotel (but too far to walk) a street along a kind of klong or lake with many restaurants and small pub's.

Old photos from Phuket (Thailand)

I found an old box of photos .... here a small set of some photos from Phuket in 1991.

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Ps1. Some photos might be horizontal flipped
Ps.2. Some photos might need a WB adjustment (thanks Spike).

Chris's Steakhouse (Loei, Thailand)

Not my photo
A old-timer of Loei had since a long time a restaurant "Chris Steakhouse" (Ban Thai) on the main road leading to the round-about. Due to lease dis-agreements it was closed in 2014 and on very small scale the food was continued in "Saloon bar" around the corner. But since a few months (Jun 2015) Chris has expanded his "Saloon bar" to the shop-house next to it and now there is again a full "Chris Steakhouse". So if you are in the mood for good western food in Loei just have a look at the new restaurant. Chris is also a very good source for any information about province Loei and a keen motorbike rider. Next time I will take some photos!

See Saloon Bar in Loei

Khon Kaen International Airport (Thailand)

IATA code is KKC. The airport is located within the ring road of Khon Kaen, on the west-side of Khon Kaen city. Although listed as international airport there is not much international, it is all domestic.
Since a few months the airport has an immigration office and is ready for international flights (or international connecting flights).

It is a bit older but good taken care of and functional airport. It is easy to reach and if you come with your own transport you will be happy to know there is a free parking place right next to the terminal building.

First floor is arrivals and second floor is departure. On the third floor is a small restaurant, but I would recommend to eat elsewhere as it is old, small and not very comfortable. On the departure-level is a nice coffee-shop. There are some small shops to buy snacks and drinks. And there are ATM's.

Cemeteries in the Netherlands

As I have a weird kind of attraction to cemeteries I did visit 2 cemeteries in Zeeland in the Netherlands. The first photo was taken at the "General Cemetery Brouwershaven". It is a typically head-stone with black letters and band.

"Here rests our daughter and sister Nelly de Jonge, born on 15 Juni 1949 and killed in the disaster of 1 February 1953"

There are many graves here from people who died at the disaster of 1953, when the province of Zeeland was flooded by the sea and 1836 people lost their life.

The summit of Phu Tok (Chiang Khan, Thailand)

Sunrise at 6 in the morning
OK everybody seems to call this mountain "Phu Tok" (in English) but hearing Thai saying the name I think you should not write it this way (and there is actually at least one other Phu Tok in the North-East of Thailand). But never mind. It is located about 3 km South-East of Chiang Khan. Following route 211 in direction of Nong Khai you will see signs. The mountain is about 470 meters above sea-level, that means about 250 meters high from the foot of the mountain.

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A great afternoon at Ubolratana lake (Khon Kaen, Thailand)

A hidden treasure of Khon Kaen province in North-East Thailand, Ubolratana lake. About 50 km north-west of Khon Kaen city, with on the east-side Bang Seang 2 and on the west-side Pattaya 2.
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Sunrise at Nam Nao (Thailand)

Just a beautiful sunrise in the mountains of Nam Nao National Park
Nam Nao is a small place in North-East Thailand and the name of a National Park. Traveling over route 12 from Chumphae to Lomsak you will travel over a mountain range and passing Nam Nao National Park. This area, part of Loei / Petchabun province is a great place for traveling off the beaten track in Thailand.  

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Sunset at Pla Deang lake (Petchabun, Thailand)

What an amazing beautiful & peaceful sunset at this small lake (reservoir) just west of Petchabun city. In the afternoon people come here to sit, eat & drink with their friends. Or go fishing ..... and drinking.

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A few days in Vientiane (Laos)

I was for a few days in Vientiane (Sep'2012), the capital city of Laos. It was in 1997 that I was here for the first time and the last time was about 4 years ago. And wow has Vientiane changed. In 1997 I was staying at "Inter Hotel" and it still is up-and-running now even called an "Boutique hotel" although the building does not look much changed at the outside. I still remember that I did not like the dusty Vientiane roads and the noisy Russian aicro's in the hotel.

In the years after that I started to like the change of Vientiane with less dust, better choice of restaurants, better choice of hotels and still a sleepy provincial town.

But also that seems to be history, unfortunately (for me) time has also found Vientiane. Modernization has struck the city and it seems that it is taken over by Thai (and Japanese) business. What happened to that characteristic boulevard along the mighty Mekong? Partly it has been changed into a tourist market where you can buy the same stuff as in any town in Thailand. Old house are being demolished and replaced by hotels (in the tourist area) or office-buildings (elsewhere in the city).

The famous fountain changed into the attraction that it was mend to be, and some bars & restaurants for the new rich are build around it. Expensive cars like Ferrari and BMW's are parked in the street. Is this still Vientiane or a Bangkok suburb? Luckily, with a little bit of walking around you can still find that old dusty characteristic Vientiane hidden behind the modern facade you will see at first hand.

Sunrise at Phu Kho (Nam Nao National Park, Thailand))

While driving from Chumphae to Lomsak over route 12 you are more or less going thru Nam Nao National park. And while following this beautiful twisty road thru the beautiful mountains you are passing a "Sunrise viewpoint" at Phu Kho.

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Going to Lomsak it is on your right hand side and there are some (small) signs. Don't drive to fast and you have to come very early! You can park your car down at the beginning of a short but steep walking path up-to the actually view point.