Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pattaya 2 beach (Khon Kaen, Thailand)

Located on the west-side of Ubol Ratana Lake (30 km north-west of Khon Kaen city). As Pattaya (Chonburi) is not famous for its beach, here at Pattaya 2 (Khon Kaen) you do not have to expect much better beach.

The good thing is you can drive your care up the "beach" right next to your deck-chair. And instead of people walking by to sell you things, here you have motorbikes coming by to sell you ice-cream, food & drinks.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Khon Kaen Zoo & Water Paradise (Khao Suan Kwang, Thailand)

It is located on a small mountain, about 40 km north of Khon Kaen city at the border of Khon Kaen province and Udon Thani province. Originally it was called "Khao Suan Open Zoo" but it has been renamed and is targeted to become a provincial tourist attraction.

Let start with the fact that I do not like ZOO's. For me it are prisons for animals, sentenced to life in prison for our fun. But well there are some acceptable ZOO's. Well let me tell you this from the start .... as ZOO this place is not worth visiting.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Good Old Midget MK3

In my previous life it all began with failing to get my driver license for my motorbike (although I did drive a Honda CB400four for 2 years). On a summer day full of sunshine I thought "What the heck I am going to drive a old-timer cabriolet".

Sangkhlaburi a hidden gem (Thailand)

Although it is already a long time ago that I did visit this place a few times it is still in my memories as a very special and beautiful place to go. Located along the huge "Khao Leam Lake" and almost at the Burmese border it is about 200 km from Kanchaburi. And it is famous for its "Thailands longest wooden bridge"  (400 meter) connecting Sangkhla on one side of the lake with Wankha at the other side of the lake.

The south of Laos, a country without a hurry

Waterfall at Tad Fan
For me it was more as 7 years ago that I was for the last time in the country of the thousand elephants, the visa-runs to Vientiane not included. For the one who has never been there first a small impression of his country that is land-locked by China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma.

P.s This story is based on experience in 2004. Some travel facts might not be up-to-date anymore!

It’s a country with about 5 to 6 million people, who have been in the faraway history a play ball of the Khmer kingdom en the Siamese kingdom. After that it became a victim of the French expansion drift. And in more recent history it became the battleground between communism and capitalism.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Ozone Boutique Hotel (Udon Thani, Thailand)

A brand new modern hotel in Udon Thani city, although a bit out of the small city center. They have private parking, free wifi and swimming pool. They serve a simple breakfast buffet.

Rooms were spacious and comfortable with TV, airco, mini-bar, balcony and private bathroom (shower only). Staff was friendly and service minded. All together very good value for money. Recommended!

See The Ozone Boutique Hotel
Book via Agoda The Ozone

Our bedroom

The lobby

Friday, 17 October 2014

Huanpak Jumjai Homestay (Phayao, Thailand)

Located 50 meters from the lake side of Kwan Phayao. A small well taken care of hotel or more a Home-stay. The rooms are spacious and clean. Bathroom was very small but the shower was very good. There is free wifi and they have free bicycles to explore Phayao lake side.

All rooms have TV, mini-bar and airco. Of course there is no swimming pool. We liked it very much and I think it is good value for money. Highly recommended!

O ... there is limited private parking for motorbikes.

See Huanpak JumJai Homestay

Our bedroom

The small bathroom


Travelling from Khon Kaen to Nan (Thailand)

Stones in balance
Just some photos I made while traveling from Khon Kaen to Nan along the Thai-Lao border. Loei and Nan are my favorite provinces in Thailand. The road less traveled.
Sunset in Chiang Khan

Head of boat in Nan

Our raft ready for lunch on the lake

Jungle market at Ban luang

Waterfall along the road

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Board your bike on the airplane in Thailand

You like bicycling Thailand? But are too lazy to bicycle all the way to Chiang Mai? Well from now on it is possible to board your bicycle in the airplane free of charge with Bangkok Airways and soon (now already?) also with Nok Air. Other airlines may charge a small handling fee.

Bangkok Airways offers privilege to passenger taking bicycle to travel with on all our operated flights at no cost with terms and conditions as follows:

- The offer is available on all Bangkok Airways flights (except flights operated by ATR).
- Limited for one bicycle per one passenger and only for leisure travel purpose only, not for commercial purpose.
- For any additional bicycle, normal bicycle charge will be applied.
- At least advanced reservation of 24 hours prior to departure time is required.
- Bicycle must be collapsible, tires deflated and/or suitably packed with the dimension not exceeding 145x160x110 cm.
- Initial baggage allowance will not be counted in this privilege.
- This privilege only apply to passenger traveling with bicycle as checked baggage.

For more detail please contact Call Center 1771, any Bangkok Airways Ticketing Office or email

Loy Kratong 2014

At the end of the 12th full moon (7 November 2014) it is again Loy Kratong festival, one of the most color full festivals of Thailand ... well actually of South East Asia.

Officially it is celebrated at 7 November only but at many places (like Chiang Mai) it is celebrated a few days earlier already (5 - 7 November).

A "Loy Kratong" means floating lotus flower, and Thai will float their Kratong on rivers, lakes, sea and even swimming pool. And of course make a wish for good luck. The festival originate from the ancient ritual to pay respect to the water spirits and to wash all sins away.

In Thailand this festival is at the same time as the "Yi Peng" festival from the ancient Lanna Kingdom what is celebrated by lanterns (Khom Loi) that will be floated into the sky. Originally only in Northern Thailand but is seems to be fashion now all over Thailand to do after you have floated your Kratong.

Enjoy a wonderful Thai festival!

A day in Phayao (Thailand)

Fishing boats on the lake of Phayao
The changing sky-line of Kwan Phayao
A new roof for the grand old lady
Phayao is my favorite small city in North Thailand. Along the shore of the lake are many restaurants and some hotels. Life in town is slow and comfortable. Just relax and enjoy Thai upcountry city life.

The first time I was in Phayao was about 20 years ago and along the lake side was standing a gracious old mansion of the old days of Phayao. It was empty and not in use. In the years passing by you could see the building being destroyed by time and weather. It did always hurt me to see that and I was always wondering why? Luckily now finally rescue has come and the grand old lady of Phayao has been given a new roof. And restoration is fully on the way.

Mural paintings in a centuries old temple (Loei, Thailand)

While traveling of the beaten track in the remote province of Loei we found a small temple in a small village. The temple is said to be centuries old and has beautiful mural paintings on the walls, both inside and outside.