Making charcoal in Nan province, North Thailand

A lady working at a charcoal "factory" near our village. It is a dirty and unhealthy job and luckily for us it is done a bit out of the village where we are living. The wood is placed in a old fashioned closed mud kiln where it is left about 12 days to smoulder (controlled burning). At this "factory" are 2 mud kiln's and 4 people working. They use only wood from trees. Not from construction. The kiln's are made by themselves and can be used for about 6 years.

A evening at Kad Nan in Nan, North Thailand

Kad Nan (also written as Kat Nan) is a street (and square) in Nan city (opposite the fire department) that started out as a kind of open-air shopping mall. With small shops and some coffee shops.

And although some places are indeed still open in day-time "Kad Nan" is best visited in the evening.

Actually it is one of Nan's let's say "entertainment streets", but then in an upcountry low-profile way. A great street to visit Coffee Shops, Restaurants and Pubs. Nice (not too loud) live music, friendly atmosphere and good food. I love it! A street to visit when you are in Nan.

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On the motorbike from Nan to Chiang Mai, North Thailand

Hot Bread in Nan
With a flat distance of 366 km and a max. altitude of 633 meter I did it again. I did leave very early in the morning. Actually so early that it was too early for breakfast at "Hot Bread" (along the way leaving Nan to Phrae). I left Nan together but Mark decided that he would take the scenic route back again to Loei while I decided to take the main route back to Khon Kaen. So we left Nan in southern direction to Phrae via route 101 but at Wang Sia we split up and I continued along route 101 in direction of Phrae.

Sunrise along route 101
The route is a highway going thru beautiful mountains. It was cool, well actually almost cold & chilly. And it was a bit dark for my sun-visor. But what the heck. Although not much traffic, the Thai driving style still irritates me on the bike. You are still considered a minor user of the road and totally ignored by bigger users of the road.

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Walking on top of Phu Hin Rong Khla, North-East Thailand

Overlooking the green jungle of Phu Hin Rong Khla National Park
Weird rock formations at the cliff
Late in the afternoon we made a walk at the "flag pole" area of Phu Hin Rong Khla, the area that was once the home of the Communist Party of Thailand. We made a short walk of about 2 to 3 km but you can make a little bit longer walk of about 5 km. It is all flat but at some point not really easy walking.

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Sunrise in Loei province, North-East Thailand

Very early and still cool ride from Dan Sai to Loei
The lake is about 15km from Loei, along route 203 to Phu Rua. It is surrounded by bamboo forest and mountains bordering Laos. There is an small village along the lake and many restaurants with bamboo sala's along the water-front where you can have lunch or diner. You can even rent an bamboo raft (with roof) to enjoy your diner on the lake.

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Hotel and Restaurant Reviews in Thailand

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Visiting Nan National Museum in Nan, North Thailand

Housed in a beautiful old colonial style building with a actually quit good exhibition of history of Nan province.

But if you are planning to visit it ... it is closed from 1 February 2015 until 22 September 2015.

Well that was changed to 17 January 2016.

And well the latest update (sorry no photo) is that it is closed until 16 August 2016.

And I would not hold my breath for that as at least the ground-floor looks in a far from finished construction site.

A bit a pity as it at least used to be a very nice exposition. Well we will see when it will really open.

Until now it looks like it has been given a new (different) color on the outside.

As it did looked before renovation

Old photos of monks in Nan province, North Thailand

Both photos were taken in a museum at a temple complex and they show monks in the old days in the area of Pua.

The amulet market in Nan, North Thailand

Every day behind the park in Nan city are gathering a group of men selling amulets (and some old stuff).

It is a very small "market" of about 5 little stands. I think they more like the talking about the amulets as the selling.

Looking for a copy shop in Nan, North Thailand

So I needed to copy some papers and did drive around in Nan city. Being new here in town I did not know where to go. So finally I saw a shop selling office stuff. I did not see any copy machines but thought "Lets just ask and see what they advice me". The guy was looking a bit weird to me and his answer was "Next door". Blime me! Indeed next door was a small kind of shed with many copy machines. Done in 5 min.

Visiting the Wat Simongkul in Nan province, North Thailand

Sorry I have seen so manny temples that I make photos of different things at temples.

Visiting a kind of museum in Nan province, North Thailand

During a day trip in Nan province (North Thailand) we did visit a kind of museum at a temple. And not only old things but also things from "only" 10 or 15 years ago. The idea is that when people die they can give things to the temple to display in the museum. So the new generation can see you they did get where they are now. Old telephones, old radios, old cameras. But also old Buddhist books, photos and ancient potteries. The museum is housed in a beautiful teak-wooden Northern style house on stilts. So take off your shoes.

Stunning green rice fields and mountains in Nan province, North Thailand

We made a day trip from Nan to Bo Klua and it was a beautiful day. We passed temples, green rice fields and mountains with National Parks, Waterfalls and some great resorts. Nan province has everything Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai also have, but them without the numbers of tourists.

We did stay overnight in Bo Klua at Bo Klua Kong Dang Resort, with great view over Bo Klua valley. And we had a great diner at "Pongza Restaurant @Bo Klua View Resort". Best food in town!

I love flowers

Both photos are taken with my Samsung J7 phone and a bit tweaked *  cropped in Lightroom. And both photos were taken during a day trip in Nan province, North Thailand.

Sunrise at Nam Nao, North-East Thailand

Just a beautiful sunrise in the mountains of Nam Nao National Park
Nam Nao is a small place in North-East Thailand and the name of a National Park. Traveling over route 12 from Chumphae to Lomsak you will travel over a mountain range and passing Nam Nao National Park. This area, part of Loei / Petchabun province is a great place for traveling off the beaten track in Thailand.  

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