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Football in Khon Kaen (Thailand)

Yesterday (for the 3th time in my life) I did go to a football match (or whatever you may call it) .... Udon Thani FC playing against Khon Kaen FC. It was a good match but if you want to know more about it have a look at Facebook page of Udon Thani FC (English)

Watching the game

Hoping for better

The Great Hornbill Grill Restaurant (Khao Yai, Thailand)

Aug'2013 OK Technically the restaurant is in Pak Chong but the location is know to all as "Khao Yai", Thailands biggest National Park. The location is a bit of the main-road, about 15 km from highway 2 at Muak Lek. But easy to find because of the (very clever design in) signs along the road. So I had lunch here last week and I was very pleasantly surprised. They have both indoor and outdoor seating in a stunning locations between the vine-yard of "PB Valley Khao Yao Winery". 

The staff was friendly although probably a bit tired after a long and busy weekend. I had 2 starters and dessert and had 1 drink (fresh grape juice) with a total price of about 650 Thai baht.

Not cheap but worth every satang, so yes the food was really good. As said the restaurant is part of a vine-yard & winery so of course there is also a wine-shop. And they have 3 times a day a tour at the winery with wine tasting (at 10:30, 13:30 and 15:30). As I did not have time for the tour I am sure I will come back for a lunch & tour! Highly recommended!
See The Great Hornbill Grill

Visiting Khao Yai National Park (Pak Chong, Thailand)

Khao Yai is one of Thailand's biggest National Park and only less as 200 km from Bangkok. In the weekend it might be busy with people from Bangkok, especially in the cool season. In the area of Pak Chong are many hotels. Be aware that foreigners have the privilege to pay 400 Thai baht entrance fee for the National Park.

On the motorbike making a loop in Northern Thailand

Rice fields north of Lampang
Feb'2013 In short a trip from Khon Kaen to Lampang and Chiang Mai, then from there up north to the Thai-Burmese border and then via Chiang Rai to the Thai-Lao border area to follow the border south in direction of Dan Sai and Loei to ride back to Khon Kaen again.

A 7 day trip of in total 2170km, covering the area of the old Lanna Kingdom, Burmese settlements, former Chinese KMT strong-holds and beautiful national parks. A wide variety of culture and landscape. Most roads were in good condition, some roads were in bad condition and some stretches were not roads at all. Culture-wise I did find the area north of Chiang Dao the most interesting, a place to come back!

The River Hotel (Nakhon Phanom, Thailand)

Jan'2014 A brand new hotel along the mighty Mekong River, just 1 km south of Nakhon Phanom city center.

Modern & comfortable decorated, with a good restaurant for breakfast, lunch and diner. And a coffee shop facing the river .... serving very good cakes! Staff is friendly and service minded. And the room prices are very reasonable varying from 800 Thai baht to 3.000 Thai baht for the Honey-moon suite. The hotel has private parking and shuttle service with hotel Tuk-Tuk to the city.

Sorry no photos of the room, but the photos at their web-site are reasonable reality (but a bit looking bigger as they are). All rooms have airco, private bathroom with rain-shower & normal shower, mini-bar, free WiFi, TV and small balcony. The room was good, clean & comfortable. Breakfast was simple but good, and starts at 6:00 am!

I loved the hotel and I think at the moment it is Nakhon Phanom best river-side hotel. The only down-side could be that there is no swimming pool. Or that the river-side garden still looks a bit empty (being brand new). I know where I will stay next time in Nakhon Phanom! O ... and the hotel has a Spa for a relaxing massage. And not expensive also! I also loved that. See The River Nakhon Phanom

You can book this hotel also via Agoda Hotels : The River Nakhona Phanom

A week in Hanoi and Halong Bay (Vietnam)

Street life in the Old Quarter of Hanoi
Nov 2010 It was already more as 10 years ago that I was for the last time in Hanoi and Halong Bay and as there were good promotions of Air Asia to fly to Hanoi we took the opportunity to go to Hanoi again. Yes, Vietnam has changed in the past 10 years, but the Old Quarter of Hanoi is still a very nice area to visit, with all the small streets.

For the best price for hotels in Hanoi have a look at Agodo Hotels in Hanoi (Vietnam)

Sunset along the Mae Nam Khong (Chiang Khan, Thailand)

Chiang Khan, a small town along the Mekong River as border between Thailand and Laos. A great place to relax and make an sunset river cruise.

A day in Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri, Cambodia)

Market street
May 2013 Sen Monorom is the capital city of the province Mondulkiri in the North-East of Cambodia, along the Vietnamese border. Although on the maps of Cambodia it is officially marked with an airport there are no commercial flights anymore since a few years.

For hotels in Sen Monorom province have at look at Agoda Hotels in Sen Monorom (Cambodia)

A few days in Ban Lung (Ratanakiri, Cambodia)

The cut trees, don't they
May 2013 : Ban Lung is the capital city of the province Ratanakiri in the most North-East of Cambodia, along the Lao and Vietnamese border. Jared from "Cambodia Alive" captured it best with

"The region has been known for trekking for a while now, though some of the most common trekking locations are not doing well against their competition of logging and commercial agricultural interests. Nonetheless the wilderness still holds surprises."

Yaklom crater lake at Ban Lung (Ratanakiri, Cambodia)

May 2013: We were a few days in the area of Ban Lung (Ratanakiri) in North-East Cambodia. In a area that once was a tense and remote jungle. So we explored the nearby area of Ban Lung and one of the amazing places to visit is "Yakom Lake" in a old vulcano crater and surrounded by beautiful big & old trees. It is just a few km's east of Ban Lung and is a perfect place to spend the afternoon swimming in the fresh water or just watching the locals enjoying a pick nick. Be aware of the fact that you will have to pay entrance fee, 500 riel for Cambodian people and 6.000 riel for tourists. And 2000 riel for your motorbike. 

Phu Phrabat Historical Park (Baan Phue, Thailand)

An prehistorical rock temple
Phu Phrabat Historical Park is located near Baan Phue, about 66 km north-west of Udon Thani. It is located on a sandstone ridge at about 320 meter above sea level. There are many rock formations and evidence that suggest that people have been living here about 2500 years ago.